Seamless Pipes for Offshore Structures

Winsteel Group Limited supplies seamless pipes for offshore structures. We work as a reliable partner to meet the needs of our customers. And ensure a long and safe product life, better mechanical properties, and reductions in costs. Therefore all our offshore structural pipes are from TPCO.

Products Features of TPCO products

  • Firstly, Steel design with low carbon and micro-alloyed
  • Secondly, Low carbon equivalent
  • Thirdly, Excellent weldability
  • And Excellent low-temperature toughness
  • Moreover, Lower ductile-brittle transition
  • Further, Higher surface quality

What is the offshore structure pipes using for?

In short, Offshore structural pipe used for offshore platforms. So an offshore platform is equipment to drill and extract oil from the sea. Based on different functions, the offshore platform can be classified as a drilling platform, production platform, service platform, oil storage, etc. There are many types. For example, bottom-supported, gravity, jack-up, semi-submersible, tension leg type, etc.

  • Firstly, According to different functions. Pile foundation type, bottom-supported, and gravity platform used in shallow waters.
  • Secondly, Jack-up, semi-submersible, tension leg type, such as vertical cylinder type of offshore platform become the hotspot in the field of ocean engineering. 
  • Thirdly, The factory has developed the offshore structural pipes for the offshore platform, supplied in normalized or quenched and tempered conditions for yield strength 355~690 MPa.
  1. – Bracing pipe
  2. – Chord pipe
  • Further, Jack-up drilling platform leg chord pipe manufactured as with semicircle. Its advantages include low cost and high efficiency. That producing semicircle pipe with a seamless pipe through the longitudinal cutting process.

Seamless pipes for Offshore Structures Reference Standards

  • 1. API SPEC 5L —— Specification for Line Pipe
  • 2. EN 10210-1 —— Hot finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels – Part 1: Technical delivery conditions.
  • 3. EN 10210-2 —— Hot finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels – Part 2: Tolerances, dimensions, and sectional properties.
  • 4. EN 10225 —— Weldable structural steel for fixed offshore structures – Technical delivery conditions
  • 5. ABS RULES —— Material and Welding 2015 Part 2
  • 6. ABS RULES —— Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling units 2015 Part 3
  • 7. DNV-OS-B101

The Steel Grade of Offshore Structural Pipes of TPCO

Steel Grade of Seamless pipe for Offshore Structure

Size Range of Seamless Pipes for Offshore Structural

Size Range of Offshore Structural Pipe

Platform Type and Corresponding Pipe Sizes and Grades

Platform Type and corresponding pipe sizes and grades

Mechanical Properties of Seamless Pipes for Offshore Structures

Performance Data as per API SPEC 5L

Chemical Composition of Seamless Pipes for Offshore Structures (%, API Spec 5L)

Chemical Composition of API 5L

Customer Weldability

Firstly, Seamless Pipes for Offshore Structures of X80Q

Seamnless pipe for offshore structure X80Q

Secondly, Seamless Offshore Structures of X100Q

Seamnless pipe for offshore structure X100Q

Supply Record of Jack-up Drilling Platform Pipe

Supply Record of Jack-up Drilling Platform pipe

In addition, Choke & Kill, Boost pipe should produce in accordance with ASTM A519 and A370, latest editions. API 16C and API spec 5L shall use as a reference only. Material shall comply with NACE MR-01-75(ISO 15156-2).

Structural Steel for Offshore and Construction Projects

Chemical Composition as per 4130 of astm a519
Mechanical property as per 4130 of astm a519

In conclusion, offshore projects require experience and adaptability, detailed knowledge of product manufacturing capabilities and capacities, logistics. In addition, to be requirements of the customer in terms of schedule and planning. Often a combination of steel and pipe manufacturers require to meet project delivery demands. In other words, Winsteel Group are experts in this field. Combining available capacity between European and Asian manufacturers is commonplace.

That is to say, Long term pricing and the guarantee of materials supply are everyday requirements for these kinds of projects. In short, Winsteel Group has the experience. And we contacts to lead manufacturers to make projects the execution of these complex and diversified projects successful.

The knowledge of all international standards (for example API DNV, EN/DIN, NORSOK, BSH, etc.) and customer-specific standards is essential to understand the requirements of these kinds of projects.

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