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LSAW Steel Pipe

O.D.: 406.4mm ~1524.0mm; W.T.: 8.0mm ~ 40.0mm; Length: 0.5M ~ 12.5M.

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SSAW Steel Pipe

O.D.: 219.1mm ~ 3040.0mm W.T.: 6.0mm ~ 30.0mm Length: 1.0M ~ 33M and customized

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ERW Steel Pipe

O.D.: 21.3mm ~ 609.6mm W.T.: 3.0mm ~ 25.0mm Length: 5.8m; 6.0m; 11.8m;12.0m;

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Seamless Steel Pipe

Steel Pipe for casing & tubing; for High-pressure Cylinder, for offshore structure; for Power Generation and for Mechanical Engineering.

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LSAW & SSAW & ERW & SMLS & Pipe Fittings
  • Pierching Mill, Heating, tube Cutter, Flash Cleaning, Welding; Hydraulic Test, X-ray, Off-line UT, Eddy Curret Inspection

  • Export to Worldwide With High Quality & Good Service

  • SMLS, ERW, SSAW, LSAW Steel Pipe with 200,000 Tons/Year

  • Our main products are SMLS, ERW, SSAW and LSAW steel pipe and pipe fittings, used in Oil & Gas, Construction & Shipping, Marine & Offshore, Environment & Energy

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Pipe Pile for Bridge (LSAW Pipe)

32M SSAW Steel Pipes

Spiral Steel Pipe with Flanges

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