As a lsaw steel pipe factory, we will share the information and news about lsaw pipe. Like what is LSAW, the differences between LSAW and SSAW, or the differences between welded pipe and seamless pipe. And to show the lsaw pipe inspection method, lsaw pipe manufacturing process.

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one weld seam lsaw pipe

What is LSAW Pipe?

LSAW is short for Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welding steel pipe. And these 5 aspects will help you recognize what is lsaw pipe. I will clarify from the aspect: raw material of lsaw pipe, weld seam, lsaw pipe size range, welding method, and length of lsaw pipe. From this five aspects, you will know the characters of lsaw pipe in these simple way.

Differences Between ERW and HFW Steel Pipe

ERW steel pipe manufacturing process includes HFW. ERW have low, medium, high frequency welding processes, and HFW is specially for high-frequency electric resistance welding. The differences between ERW and HFW steel pipe, is EFW is a type of ERW process for ordinary and thin-wall thickness steel pipes.