LSAW pipe Equipment List

Producing LSAW pipe need many equipment. Such as Plate Edge Milling Machine and Plate Edge Crimping Machine. Pipe Forming Press and Tack Welding Machine. And Pipe Expander all adopt the technology and equipment of SMS MEER.

The SMS MEER is the most famous special manufacturer of equipment. It design and manufacture the whole production line equipment for LSAW pipe in the world. They have supplied all kinds of steel pipe manufacturing equipment. They have plenty of LSAW pipe manufacturers in the world. And they have got a very good reputation in this field.

1. LSAW Steel Pipe Producing Equipment

According to LSAW pipe manufacturing process, we have LSAW pipe equipment like below:

1). Edge Milling Machine

It is the equipment for processing the bevel angle. On the edges of the material (steel plate) by aligning and feeding the material. The machine can carry out automatic plate centering. And the cutter heads have float copying function. According to the waviness of the plate. To ensure the two edges of the plate with the same welding chamfer and dimensions.

Besides, the milling speed and amount for each milling can adjusted. According to the steel grade, wall thickness, and the welding bevel angle.

lsaw pipe equipment-Edge Milling Machine
lsaw pipe equipment-Edge Milling Machine

The good coordination between cutter heads and the plate clamping carriage feed system. Ensures constant parameters in the whole milling process. Thus the quality requirements of the milling can met. The precision of the welding chamfer is a major precondition for the quality of the laser weld.

2) Plate Edge Crimping Machine

It is the equipment for bending the edges. By aligning and feeding regular distance the material after beveling the edges. It is capable of adjusting the pitch. It’s an automatic hydraulic crimping press. The scientific design of die radius. And transition ensures a complete edge bending deformation.

lsaw pipe equipment-Plate edge crimping machine
lsaw pipe equipment-Plate edge crimping machine

And press elongation will not occur during edges bending of heavy-wall-thickness plate. The bending shape produced on this machine is much better than the shape bent on the roller bending machine. It provides good precondition for the later forming, welding and expanding processes.

3)  Pipe Forming Press

It’s an intelligentized hydraulic forming machine with a CNC20 controller. During the forming, the movements of upper & lower beams. And plate delivery manipulators controlled by computer. The stroke of the upper & lower beam. And press force, as well as the plate feed, can adjusted. according to steel grade, plate wall thickness, and plate width.

lsaw pipe equipment-Pipe forming press
lsaw pipe equipment-Pipe forming press

The upper & lower beams have the function of the deformation compensation. To avoid the negative effect on the forming process due to the upper & lower beam deformation. The straightness in the full length of the plate can ensured during the forming process. The forward length of each step is uniform. So that the roundness and the welding edge parallelism can ensured as well.

4) Tack Welding Machine

It is the equipment for continuous tack welding. It puts together the edges of the opening area of the pipes formed in the forming press or GAP forming press. During tack welding, the open seam pipe transported through stands. Designed as roller cage with eight rows of rollers.

lsaw pipe equipment-Tack welding machine
lsaw pipe equipment-Tack welding machine

In this roller cage, the longitudinal edges of the open-seam pipes positioned exactly. Parallel to one another and welded. The exact guidance prevents from the edge offset and creates a uniform welding gap. The tack welding performed using high power. And continuous metal active-gas arc welding (MAG welding). which traced by the laser system.

5)  Inside Welding & Outside Welding Equipment

All welding equipment imported from the German U&S company. This company is a specialist manufacturer for LSAW pipe welding equipment. They have rich experience. especially in the multi-electrode process. By using this welding machine, the quality of the welding can ensured.

lsaw pipe equipment-Inside Welding Equipment
lsaw pipe equipment-Outside Welding machine

6)  Pipe Expander

The main purpose of an advanced mechanical expander is to size. And straighten the pipes. And increase the dimension precision of the pipe. As well as improve the residual stress distribution status.

7) End Facing Machine.

It is the equipment for processing the sections of both ends of the bent, formed and welded pipe.

lsaw pipe equipment-End Facing Machine
End Facing Machine

2.  Testing Equipment

According to LSAW pipe inspection, we have LSAW pipe equipment like below:

1)  Hydrostatic Test Machine

It is the equipment for hydrostatic testing. It fills the bent and welded pipe with water and consistently adds pressure into the pipe to test the pipe.

lsaw pipe equipment-Hydrostatic Test Machine
Hydrostatic Test Machine

2) Ultrasonic Test Machine

lsaw pipe equipment-Ultrasonic Test Machine
Ultrasonic Test Machine

3)  X-Ray Inspection Equipment

lsaw pipe equipment-X-Ray Inspection Equipment
X-Ray Inspection Equipment

3.  Loading Equipment

Pipe handling equipment stops working with pipes being a difficult task. Not only can pipes be heavy. their rounded shape can make them awkward to transport efficiently. The right material handling equipment changes this. According to pipe loading, we have the LSAW pipe loading equipment like below:

1) Heavy Duty Gantry Cranes

lsaw pipe equipment-Heavy Duty Gantry Cranes
Heavy Duty Gantry Cranes

2) Folk-Lift

lsaw pipe equipment-Folk-lift

Winsteel Group is professional LSAW pipe manufacturer. And we have the whole set of equipment from producing process to shipping and loading. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our factory, please contact me.