What Are the Differences Between SAW Pipes and ERW Pipes?

We can see SAW pipes (LSAW, SSAW) and ERW pipes are different in manufacturing processes. Especially right from formation and welding, and so on. And hence, the performance of both the pipes different in the following aspects. You will see the details following:


1. The Surface Quality.

The surface quality of ERW pipes is better when compared to SAW (LSAW, SSAW) pipes. As ERW pipes are smooth and have a better finish. In most of the SAW tube, it has the weld reinforcement internal and external.

2. The Defects Found in ERW Pipes Are Lesser Than SAW Pipes.

As there is a solvent deposit in SAW. It results in more defects apart from the defects in the volume. The defects found in ERW pipes are only confined to wire-line and straight welds. And it can inspected. The defects can noticed. And the ultrasonic reflection on the surface makes it easier to detect.

3. The Residual Stress Ratio in ERW is Lower Than SAW Pipes.

As ERW pipe deformation happens more in ERW followed by sizing of flat oval. It results in elliptical vertical changes and necking, thereby making the stress smaller. The displacement of ERW pipes was smaller when compared along SAW pipe. Even they are using the same material. And it was also easy to detect.

4.The Performance.

Although the performance of both ERW and SAW pipe are same. Once the pipes have a defect, the steel scrap and welding can do on ERW. While it is not the same in case of SAW, which would result in cracking or corrosion, making the ERW more durable.


We are a professional LSAW pipe manufacturer. And we have learned about the SAW and ERW pipe as well. To know the difference between them is convenient for us to choose a suitable pipe for your projects. And if you have any questions, please contact me.