Things About LSAW Pipe

When we talk about steel pipe, sometimes we say LSAW steel pipe, and do you know what LSAW pipe definition is. And what are the main features of LSAW? How many steps when making an LSAW need? We can learn more about it as one kind of carbon steel pipe.

LSAW pipe

1) What is the LSAW Steel Pipe definition?

LSAW means Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding carbon steel pipe. It is a kind of SAW pipe made of steel plates that were hot rolled by JCOE or UOE manufacturing process. JCOE technology means shaping and forming processes. This forming process JCOE includes. During producing as well as the inner and outer welding. And cold expansion carried out after welding.

When compared UOE vs JCOE pipes, LSAW steel pipe manufacturers in China can produce more sizes as:

  • Outside Diameter: 406 mm – 1524 mm;
  • Wall Thickness: 6.35 mm – 60 mm;
  • Length: 2 m – 18 m

From this, we can see that the LSAW pipe having superiority. We, Winsteel offers LSAW pipe with high quality, competitive prices, and best service.

2) Main Features of LSAW pipe

  • -Large diameter steel pipes
  • -Thick walls steel pipe
  • -High-Pressure resistance
  • -Low-temperature resistance

3) Tests of LSAW Steel Pipes:

  • -Chemical Component Analysis
  • -Mechanical Properties – Elongation, Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • -Technical Properties – DWT Test, Impact Test, Blow Test, Flattening Test
  • -X-ray inspection
  • -Exterior Size text
  • -Hydrostatic Inspection
  • -Ultrasonic Test

4) How to Use LSAW Pipe for Pipelines

1. According to the specification of pipe API 5L Spec, we take testing for the basic metal and welding metal. Meanwhile, we have other Specifications. Such as DIN, EN, ASTM, and GOST. Also, the LSAW steel pipe can welded with flanges. Welding lifting eyes and other parts according to clients’ requirements.

pipe boots

2. It also can used as pipe boots or pile boots which acted as protecting a section.

3. Except used as pipe boots. The LSAW steel pipe is also used for transporting fluids like water, oil & gas. As well as used for offshore projects and underground constructions. These products are producing in China. And exported to other countries. For example Australia, Canada, South American, Europe, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Africa, etc.

5) LSAW Pipe Manufacturing Process

The large diameter LSAW steel pipe manufacturing procedure explained in flowing steps:

1. Plate Probe.

This is used for making the large diameter LSAW joints right after it enters the production line which is the initial full-board ultrasonic testing.

2. Milling.

The machine used for milling does this operation through a two-edged milling plate to meet the requirements of the plate width and the sides parallel to the right shape and exact degree.

3. Pre-curved side.

This side is achieved by using a pre-bending machine on the pre-bending plate edge. The plate edge needs to meet the curvature requirements.

4. Forming:

After the pre-bending step, in the first half of the JCO molding machine, after stamped steel, it is pressed into a “J” shape while the on the other half of the same steel plate it is bent and pressed into a “C” shape, then the final opening forms an “O” shape.

5. Pre-welding.

This is to make a welded pipe steel a straight seam after it has been formed and then use a gas welding seam (MAG) for continuous welding.

6. Inside welding.

This is done with a tandem multi-wire submerged arc welding (about four-wire) on the inner part of the straight seam welded steel pipe.

7. Outside Welding.

Outside weld is the tandem multi-wire submerged arc welding on the outer part of the LSAW steel pipe welding.

8. Ultrasonic Testing.

This test is checking outside and inside a straight seam of welded LSAW steel pipe. And also check both sides of the base material. 100% of pipes are taking ultrasonic inspection.

9. X-ray inspection.

X-ray industrial TV inspection is carried out on the inside and outside using an image processing system to make sure there is detection sensitivity. 100% of pipes are taking X-ray inspection.

10. Cold-Expansion.

This is for accomplishing submerged arc welding and straight seam steel pipe length hole diameter so as to improve the steel tube’s size precision and improve the distribution of stress in the steel tube. This steps can according to customer’s requirements.

11. Hydrostatic test.

LSAW pipe hydrostatic test is carried out on the hydraulic test machine for steel after expanding by-root test for ensuring the steel pipe meets the standard requirements with the machine having an automatic recording and storage capabilities.

12. Chamfer.

Pipe chamfer is the last step for the pipe manufacturing process. It makes pipe end beveled which is convenient for welding in the field. This also involves the surface inspection carried out on the steel pipe at the end of the whole process. Of course, this step is according to customer’s requires. And according to API 5L PSL 2 level, it has steel pipe end plain.

13. Marking.

LSAW steel pipe marking is not the manufacturing process. But it is can not omit. This step is very necessary as it can directly tell users the information about the pipe. It has many kinds of marking, the most popular are stamping and die mark.

Till now, you have an impression of LSAW. What does LSAW means, pipe size range, and LSAW manufacturing process? And if you want to have more information about steel pipe. Or about our factory, please do not feel hesitate to contact us. We are a professional LSAW steel pipe manufacturer.